Letter from the CEO

Jeffrey Brewer

Jeffrey Brewer, President & CEO

When I joined JDRF as president and CEO three years ago, the organization was at a critical juncture. We were clearly in a position to leverage 40 years of tremendous scientific advances and increased understanding of type 1 diabetes (T1D) to provide us with opportunities greater than ever before to advance progress toward a cure. We also found ourselves presented with critical opportunities for transforming the lives of people with T1D in the near term. JDRF would not be forced to choose between a cure in the future and better, safer, and healthier lives for people with T1D today. This is why JDRF has embraced our responsibility and obligation to stakeholders by continuing the acceleration of research progress toward a cure and playing a linchpin role in the development and delivery of transformational therapies for all those living with T1D.Continue reading ›

Officers, Directors, and Staff


Mary Tyler Moore
International Chairman
Robert Wood Johnson IV
Chairman of JDRF
Dick Allen
Chairman, International Board of Directors
Karen Case
Treasurer/Chair, Finance
Max C. (Tom) Chapman III
Secretary/Chair, Nominating & Governance


International Board of Directors for Fiscal Year 2014

Diane Adams
Dick Allen
Shannon Allen
John Brady
Nick Brien
Mary Elizabeth Bunzel
Karen Case
Max C. (Tom) Chapman III
Matthew Cohn
Rebecca Davies
Maarten B.T. de Groot
Nanette DeTurk
Pamela Edmonds
Mark Fischer-Colbrie
Michelle Griffin
Michael Hendren
Steve Hitchins
Nicole Johnson
Ellen Leake
Michael R. Lee
Doug Lowenstein
Red Maxwell
David W. Nelms
Stephen Newman, M.D.
Preetish Nijhawan
Carol Oxenreiter
William C. Parsons
Derek K. Rapp
David K. Rehr, Ph.D.
Pamela Sagan, Chair, Chancellors
Lorne Shiff
Lawrence A. Soler
Timothy St. Clair
Lorraine Stiehl

Wendy W. Wood

Executive Office Staff

Jeffrey Brewer
President & CEO
Jennifer Arcure
Chief of Staff
Richard A. Insel, M.D.
Chief Scientific Officer
Edward Sebald
Chief Financial Officer & Assistant Treasurer
Gerri Feemster Bostick, SPHR
Chief Human Resources Officer & Assistant Secretary
David E. Wheadon, M.D.
Executive Vice President, Research & Advocacy
Cynthia Rice
Senior Vice President, Advocacy & Policy
Sandra Hijikata
Senior Vice President, U.S. Field Development
Linda C. Saulnier
Vice President,
Leadership Giving
Margo Lucero
Vice President, Strategic Corporate Alliances
Gil King
Vice President,
Internal Audit
Meryl Altuch
Vice President, Marketing
Anne Bergquist
Vice President, Strategic Communications
Julia Greenstein, Ph.D.
Vice President,
Cure Therapies
Aaron Kowalski, Ph.D.
Vice President, Treatment Therapies
Sridhar Thodupunoori
Vice President, Information Technology
John McGuire, CFRE
Vice President, Development Strategy and Planning
Robert Swanson
Assistant Vice President, IT Operations

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