Outreach Events

Find Support By Getting Involved!

Living with type 1 diabetes (T1D) takes perseverance. It™s been documented that people living with diabetes often feel isolated in their efforts to manage the disease. In addition, parents and loved ones can feel overwhelmed and on their own as they care for a child with type 1.

The JDRF Desert Southwest Chapter recognizes that people find support in managing their health through various outlets. As the organization works to cure, treat and prevent T1D, we continue to provide a variety of Outreach events to support the needs of our communities.

Diabetes communities exist in many forms. Some participate in the Diabetes Online Communtiy (DOC) through online social networks dedicated to connecting those with diabetes like Juvenation and TuDiabetes, as well as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many, many blogs.  Some take part in diabetes camp weekends, family retreats, and local Outreach events for families and adults. When it comes to fighting T1D, there is strength in numbers.

The JDRF Desert Southwest Chapter community is an active, engaged group of people. They meet up for local parent-led support group activities and provide community support. They recruit friends, family and colleagues to participate in the Walk to Cure Diabetes Celebrating Ron Santo. They mentor families and adults living with type 1 through the Mentorship Program. They Facebook about events and what they™re reading in diabetes research. They visit local lawmakers to make sure our legislators are informed of issues kids with diabetes have in school.

JDRF Outreach recruits, supports, engages and connects the type 1 community


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